Oct- March 2013

Oct 3 - 8 KADEY KROGEN RENDEZVOUS, Calvert Marina, Solomon's Island, MD



With dozens arriving over 3 days, expert puzzle-piecer, Randy Pickelmann, and his crew (including dear friend Will Parry) created
a Mediteranean Mooring.  Yachts were stern to the dock, all bows interlocking. Amazingly, no insurance claims were necessary! :)
Docktails and parties followed as old friends caught up and we made new ones.

Whiteside Creek
Slade Creek
Shrimp Boats
Waccamaw River
Beaufort, SC
Joshua's Marsh at dawn
Lock near Norfolk
Wilmington, NC

Oct 9-24 Heading Back to Tampa Bay! - Moving too quickly to keep up! But the images are unforgettable.

Oct 24-? And then along came Sandy!.