June, 2012 #2
We'd hoped to
depart early but
the universe had
other ideas.  
We took turns,
sawing the
trunk with a
serrated knife
when nothing
else worked. An
hour later,
Shoaling on the intercoastal waterway
(ICW) in SC, fair winds and following seas
lured us to the outside, (Atlantic) for the
day. Waves were only 2 to 4 feet,
rolling but not choppy. By a fluke of good
luck, we passed on Five Fathom Creek
and continued to Georgetown. We later
learned by a distress call on the radio,
the chart does not reflect the shoaling at
Five Fathom, blocking the entrance.

At times, the
seas were flat
and metallic.  
The local birds gathering on
the submerged jetty welcomed
us to the Winyah Inlet.
June 22 - 26 Carolina Beach, NC, Paris Island, NC, Past Camp Lejeune to Bonner Bay, NC

Time flies . . .from a mooring ball in Carolina Beach, NC--ferris wheel, caramel apples, beach and boating kind of place, we're moving north
rapidly, trying to limit our exposure to TS Debbie. Along the way, we added a few gallons of fuel to top off our tanks-- 620 to be exact, and
anchored in Hammock Bay, right next to Paris Island. From there, we passed Camp LeJeune's practice landing and firing ranges. . .

Yesterday, Monday the 25th -- and by the way, an excellent way to lose track of time is to go cruising! This blog and Don's daily maintenance
records are the only thing that orients us! -- we arrived at Bonner Bay, NC. just in time to anchor, have dinner, and wait out a SEVERE
THUNDERSTORM! 60 MPH gusts, hail, heavy rain and lightening were expected. We battened down the hatches, eyed each other with each
howl of the wind, crack of thunder. But Freebird proved her
Kadey Krogen genetics. She's a tough girl.
This morning, after a stunning sunrise, Don raised the anchor in 25 mph winds.
Bonner Bay, NC at sunrise - What can I say. . .
One of the hazards on the water :)
Passing Camp LeJeune's practice landing and firing ranges
Freebird and a raft of ducks

to view
Sound at

to view our
sunset video

An incident today inspired a NOTICE TO MARINERS. The bark of a submerged piling in the Alligator River proved worse than its bite, but others
might not be so lucky. After confirming we weren't taking on any water we contacted the Coast Guard. Many tedious hours later, we anchored
on the Alligator River adjacent to some duck blinds. See video links below of this amazing, eerily quiet location. Wednesday, we attempted to
cross the Albemarle Sound, a large estuary located at the confluence of a group of rivers, separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Outer
Banks and known for its challenging, battering chop. Two hours of "confused water" later, we succeeded. I was at the helm and got the
brownie badge.  We docked at the Great Bridge tonight, to restock groceries and position ourselves for the bridge and lock in the morning.

and the
or bust!
June 27 - Alligator River to Albemarle Sound to Great Bridge, Chesapeake, Va

June 26 - 27 North of Alligator River, South of Albemarle Sound, NC to The Great Bridge, VA
A leaking generator fuel injection pump
was this week's boat challenge.
Author/Poet/Mechanic, The Floating
Poet, Mike Harris, helped Don remove
and reinstall the pump. Rented a car to
drive the pump to Savannah's
TESTMASTER, INC., who turned it
around in a day to help us out. Highly
recommend--no finer place or owners.
No finer place.
Antique fuel pumps at
Testmaster, Inc.

brand new
Here's the bridge we crossed by bike to Lady
Island to find some Frogmore Stew aka Low
Country Boil. Note
the inlaid pail. We
decided dinner
could go one of two
ways. :)
Stopped in former cotton plantation town, Beaufort, SC, turned haven for emancipated slaves, turned top small city - (Beaufort as in beautiful, which differs from
Beaufort as in beau, the one in NC). Dined with Freebird's former owners, Jenny and Pedro Smith, who treated us to a fun dinner, swapping tales of the sea and
the joys of boat ownership (genuine and stated with tongue in cheek). The Big Chill house is in town, the locale also for The Prince of Tides!
June 19 -21 Just So of Hilton Head to Beaufort, SC
June 22 Winyah Bay near Georgetown, SC
June 21 Bohicket Creek, Charleston SC area

June 28-July 2 Norfolk, VA
My two favorite sites in Norfolk, VA:   THE TOURISTS, by
Chaim Gross, met us at our side-to slip in downtown Norfolk,
VA.  Below, this sign/sculpture, THE PLOT sits atop a
                          community garden
created                                                       from containers,
which support
                          the Norfolk shipping economy
                          and tells a story.
Freebird docked along the
waterfront in Norfolk, VA.


We stayed a couple
extra days!
Click here
to see
video of
the U.S.S
stem to stern!
With what toy do you think the
designer of this played as a child?
CLICK HERE to see other Naval Ships along the piers!

Hoping to leave Norfolk tomorrow!
Washington, DC? Solomon Island? Deltaville?
The weather will decide!