July, 2012
Three good reasons to love life on
the Chesapeake Bay . . .

1. Cool water & a cooler husband
when it is 100 + degrees . . .
2. Rising at dawn when dawn looks
like this . . .

3. Watching the gulls and pelicans
gather for banquets. . .

July 4-13 Solomons, MD

We'd planned to spend the 4th in Washington, DC but due to GLOBAL WARMING, we entered the Patuxent River up Back Creek to Solomons,
which offers one marina after the other, a tiki bar, a maritime museum and fun restaurants. We dropped the dink and ventured up the other
creek to explore one exquisite cove after another. Few photos as we're detaching from our cell phones!
Roasty weather forced us into a slip at Calvert Marina to watch movies and episodes of Downton Abby in icy comfort, surrounded by other
Krogens!  Finally Spring Cove Marina's boatyard put us on "the hard" for some needed work.

July 2 -3, Fisherman's Bay, Deltaville, VA

Meet Bandit. He swam across a fairly wide creek with only one foot to paddle.
We fed him some bread crumbs. He returned daily. When we moved
from an anchorage to a slip, he found us.

July 14-16 Annapolis, MD
Passing Under Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Kunta Kinte reading to children
in downton Annapolis
We met up with my mom's friends, Colby and Linda, for lunch in Annapolis. I'm happy to say they are now becoming our friends. Colby, who is a
professional photographer, took photos of us on Freebird. Lucky us!

July 17-18 Skip Jack Cove Marina, Sassafras River, MD

July 23-26 Henderson's Wharf Marina, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

July 31, 2012 - Weems Creek, off the Severn River, West Annapolis

When you pass thru Fairlee Creek's narrow entrance with its significant shoaling
and fast current, be sure there are no heads popping up in the center of the
channel. I was at the helm, and the swimmers caused me to veer away. The
current grabbed our full-displacement hull and I wasn't going fast enough to
avoid nearly doing a doughnut. I recovered and we did not run aground .A
friendship did not develop between Don and swimmers in the subsequent

July 19-22, 2012 - Fairlee Creek, Chestertown, MD

What do you do in 100+ temps
and no breeze?
We ventured up the Sassafras
River to Skip Jack Cove to plug in
and swim in their pool. You can
see the morning haze to the left,
accentuated by the lens clouded
when the indoor AC temp met the
outdoor 90 temp.
Old friends, Bob & Mary, their neighbors,
Jelly-Fish Joel's and a weekend at Fairlee Creek
is not for the shy or spiritless.
Even Don danced. :)

July 27- 30, 2012 - Harness Creek, off the South River, Quiet Park
Will and Sue
Freebird and Second Star
Harness Creek - Will's amazing margaritas and my fresh salsa.
Newlyweds, Colby and Linda,
joined us on Weems Creek for
lunch on the beautiful Mystic
Rose. Colby blessed us with
photos of Freebird. Check out his
work at