August, 2012

August 3 - Magothy River, MD

August 1, 2 - Baltimore, MD

August 5 - St. Michael's, MD

August 6 - Kent Island, MD

August 8- Patapsco River, Rock Creek, MD

T&T Arrive

Beautiful Journey
Yacht Club

Sloane Renee LaNeve
born 10:44 am, 8/3/2012
8 lbs. 9 oz.
22 inches
Apgar - 10

See you in Nov.

August 4 - South River, Harness Creek, MD

August 7- Annapolis, MD
Don and Tony spent most days fixing whatever needed fixing. And it was after 5 any hour of the day.
Today's Tale

August 9 - 29, Henderson's Wharf Marina, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD
Fells Point sits along the harbor of Baltimore. It's
rooted historically as a haven for the rough
fishermen who came to eat, drink and be
entertained. It hasn't changed. Cobblestone
streets, old brick bldgs, dozens of pubs and bistros.
We are docked a block away. On Saturday, an
organic farmer's market in the offered homegrown
music, bread, veggies and the best tomatoes we've
ever eaten.
Inner Harbor East
Chips and salsa take on new
meaning at Woody's in Fells Pt.
Plaintain chips and Mojo Sauce
with Margeritas.
CAMDEN YARDS to see our boys!
Rays slaughtered the Orioles

August 29, Lori & Gordon Arrive, Henderson's Wharf Marina, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

Thank goodness our sailing buddies,
Lori and Gordon Hornby,
joined us for a difficult
leg of the trip,
from the Chesapeake Bay
to New York.
Arrival: 9 pm
Dinner in Fells Pt: 9:30 pm
Back-door croissants: 10:30 pm
Then to sleep for an early departure!

August 30,  Fells Point, Baltimore, MD to Summitt Marina North, Chesapeake City, MD
Summit Marina has the feel of a northern summer camp. Under serious reconstruction, we would definitely return here. A beaver entertained
us and a fog rolled in the next morning, delaying our departure up the C& D Canal and down Delaware Bay.